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Looking to join an exclusive group of Valhalla patrons?  If so, the Mug Club is for you.  Only the select few are allowed in each semester.  Curious how to get one for yourself, it's simple. Come in to Valhalla, get to know our friendly staff, apply.  An application can be picked up at any time, or simply download the file below, fill it out at home, drop it off with any of our friendly staff, ​and keep your fingers crossed.  

Once accepted you get a glass Mug with your name, nickname, and serial number specific to you.  With that you get a serious deal on all drinks in Valhalla, liquor and beer.  Pay the same price as everyone else but get twice the amount of beer/liquor.  Not only do you get more for the same price but specials apply to the Mug Club as well.  That's right, you can get a Long Island or Black Opal, in this huge glass, for only $5.25 on Fridays.  Check out our SPECIALS tab to see what special prices you could fill in your personal mug.