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Long Island 

Vodka, Rum, Gin, Triple Sec

with lemonade and coke $7

Razz Tazz

Vodka, Sour, Triple Sec,

Raspberry, Soda Water,

and Lime $6.50 


Tequila, Sour, Soda Water,

Lime $6

Blue Hawaiian

Malibu, Blue Curacao, 

Pineapple, Sprite $6.50

Valhalla Collins

Vodka, Sour, Soda Water,

Orange Juice, Lime,

Lemon, and Orange $6.50

Green Dragon

Rum, Sour, Sprite,

and Limes $7

Pink Starburst

Vanilla Vodka, Sour,

and Sprite $6.50

Pullman Water

Vodka, Hypnotiq, Sour, 

and Sprite $6.50

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